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40th Reunion Information

The Natrona County High School class of 1977 40th class reunion was held July 21-23, 2017 in Casper.

This is the opening prayer that our classmate Fr. Carl Gallinger wrote for our reunion:

God of all time and space, we gather for this fortieth reunion to remember, to celebrate and to be strengthened in life and love. We come to remember a time we shared with one another; a time of growing up, of exploration, of learning and yes a time of fun. Our remembering calls to mind those classmates who no longer walk with us in this life. They are:

Ann Abernethy
John Andrewjeski
Brett Barrett
Karla Bradshaw
Kelly Brittenham
Kenneth Bundy
Randy Claussen
Robin Condelario
Renee Corson
Jan Cross
Carrie Curfew
William Duerden
Fredie Elliott
Vincent English
David Foster
Jackie Gothard
Dennis Henry
Lorna Hoover
Paula Horn
Jean Jensen
Lori Johnson
Kathy Knox

Eric Kornkven
Richard Lange
Leslie LeClair
John Logan
Wayne Lopez
Robert Malloy
Alan McConigley
Joe McGuire
William McLean
Anthony Miller
Karen Millman
Diana Nation
Vince Novotny
Keith O'Briant
Rodney Oien
Sara Ost
Kirk Parmely
David Ready
Rhea Ramsey
Erick Ronshaugen
Russell Smith
Kenneth Wolcott

We remember with gratitude their lives and all they brought to us and our world. May they know our love.

Let us also remember those who cannot be with us tonight due to illness or hardship and that they may find healing and comfort through our prayer and friendship and that they may know our love.

Let us also remember those who we have lost contact with over the years and we pray that their lives and the paths they have chosen are blessed and that they may know our love.

We come to celebrate the gift of life and the personal journeys we have each made. May we find laughter in stories shared and support in pain born for the sake of others. May our celebrating lift our spirits and deepen the bond of our friendships. May we recognize and celebrate the goodness that resides within each person here.

We come to be strengthened in life and love. May we find here the gift of acceptance in the varied ways in which we have embraced and lived the gift of life. May the support given and received move us gladly and joyfully into a tomorrow where You, O God, are already present.

Because You are the creator of every good gift, bless this food that will nourish this night.

We ask all this in your name, Amen.

Class of 77 Classmates Who Attended the Reunion

This list contains the names of those classmates who attended the 40th reunion on July 21-23, 2017 in Casper.

83 classmates attended

Becky Abernethy
Susan Ackerman Henn
Dale Andreen
Mary Bader Johnson
Elizabeth Baker Jennings
Ken Bale
Rob Bennett
Lori Bertz Loomis
John Bouzis
Kathrynne Bowen Esch
Doug Brooks
Kelly Brown
Margaret Brummett Reynolds
James Brummond
Brice Carpenter
Gary Chittum
Donnie Claunch
Kimberly Cohee McAtee
Cathy Culver Lower
Stuart Day
Janis Devore
Paul Duncan
Lisa Ellbogen
Mary Ellbogen Garland
Beth Ellison Kuehnel
Stephenson Emery
Kelly Engleman
Duane Farley
Chuck Foreman
Kevin Forgey
Jerry Fry
Laura Galles Claunch
Melody Gibson Evans
Janna Goodwin
Pam Guy Romanko
Keith Hartnett
Ralph Haught
Carol Hegna Milton
Jim Hill
Vicky Hill Rowland
Sally Hill Horton
Ellen Jackson Perkins
Terry Jensen
Becky Koch Hodges
Kim Koch Warren
Jesse Lafferty
Peter Larcom
Michelle LeClere Killmer
Dori Leist
Dennis Lower
Kelly McDaniel Clamp
Michael McFall
Teri Meyer
Kara Miller
Debra Mitchell Swedberg
Karen Mooney Kramer
Candy Moxey Elliott
Leslie Myres Rau
Scott Norris
Kevin O'Hearn
Gail Patton Schenfisch
Julie Pengelly Schaff
Doug Rath
Sam Reber
Sheryn Reuber LaPlume
Timothy Rizzi
Cheryl Roberts Nickerson
Julie Roelfsema Cramer
Paul Runge
Kerre Schlager
Lisa Schroeder Eades
Sheryl Sloan Herrick
Patricia Smith
Tim Sullivan
Mike Todd
Steve Trestik
Melinda Walport Tomas
Tami Weed Hartnett
Kay Whiston Medders
Shelly Wiggins Kenyon
Kandy Woodley Berry
Cindy Works
Cat Young

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