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30th Reunion Information

The Natrona County High School class of 1977 30th class reunion was held August 3 and 4, 2007 in Casper.

This is the opening prayer that our classmate Fr. Carl Gallinger wrote for our reunion:

God of all history, we give you thanks for gathering us to celebrate this reunion. We are grateful for the ways in which you have blessed our lives over these thirty years. We have grown older, and hopefully wiser, through the experiences that have shaped our lives.

We pause to pray for those who are not with us, especially those who have died. May they know the gift of your eternal peace.

Bless the food that has been prepared for us. May this meal nourish our bodies as our conversations feed our spirits. Let us be filled with laughter and joy as we remember the gift of our teenage years. May friendships and families be strengthened through our time together. And finally, bless all with safe travel home and hearts filled with gratitude.

We ask this in Your Name. Amen.

Class of 77 Classmates Who Attended the Reunion

This list contains the names of those classmates who attended the 30th reunion August 3 and 4, 2007 in Casper.

125 classmates attended

Ann Abernethy
Becky Abernethy
Dale Andreen
Brian Andress
Gilbert Arellano
Elizabeth Baker
Carol Bartel
David Beneke
Duane Bertsch
Patty Bolender
Rod Brauer
Tammie Brittain
Douglas Brooks
Kelly Brown
Melissa Brown
Tim Calvert
Marty Campion
Brice Carpenter
Patricia Castle
Bob Cheney
Donnie Claunch
Kimberly Cohee Lott
Sam Cool
Cathy Culver
Stuart Day
Denise Dehning
George Demars
Mark Demattia
Janis DeVore
Paul Duncan
Carla Dunlap
Dan Dwyer
Lisa Ellbogen
Mary Ellbogen
Nancy Evanoff
Dale Ferguson
Kevin Forgey
Charles Foreman
Laura Galles
Carl Gallinger
Craig Gangwish
Melody Gibson
Gail Gifford
Margo Gottfried
Greg Greer
Pam Guy
Steve Hanson
Susan (Susi) Harris
Keith Hartnett
Tal Hauffe
Carol Hegna
James Hill
Matt Hill
Vicky Hill
John Hovis
Ellen Jackson
Tammy Key
Paula Rae Kinsfather
Tom Knerl
Kathy Knox
Kim Koch
Michelle LeClere
Jim Long
Gordon Loundagin
Dennis Lower
Beth McPherson
David Meyer
Teri Meyer
Robert (Bob) Miller
Debra Mitchell
H.B. Moreland
Candy Moxey
Leslie Myres
Diane Nation
David Norris
Bonny Obert
Keith O'Briant
Patricia Odegaard
Kevin O'Hearn
Kenny Orchard
Gail Patton
Julie Pengelly
Terri Pickering
Glen Potter
Cathy Quinlan
Rhea Ramsey
Paul Ratcliffe
Brenda Randall
Laura Reaves
Sam Reber
Sheryn Reuber
Wes Roberts
Dan Robinette
Lu Ann Root
Paul Runge
Debbie Satterfield
Les Schaff
Kerre Schlager
Lisa Schroeder
Sheryl Sloan
Patricia Smith
John Smith
David Spillers
Gail Stewart
Lani Stradling
Anne Strook
Tim Sullivan
Mark Therkildsen
John Tobin
Mike Todd
Gail Tozer
Tony Tripeny
Jill Turner
Shane Tweedy
Charles VanBuskirk
Dawn Vignaroli
Tami Weed
Mark Weichman
Vickie White
Shelly Wiggins
Cecil Wigington
Kandy Woodley
Cindy Works
Camille Young

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