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35th Reunion Information

The Natrona County High School class of 1977 35th class reunion was held August 24 and 25, 2012 in Casper.

Class of 77 Classmates Who Attended the Reunion

This list contains the names of those classmates who attended the 35th reunion August 24 and 25, 2012 in Casper.

58 classmates attended

Ann Abernethy
Becky Abernethy
Carla Alexander
Stew Anderson
Mary Bader
Liz Baker
Stacey Bouzis
Douglas Brooks
Kelly Brown
Melissa Brown
Donna Brunner
Brice Carpenter
Donnie Claunch
Miles Crowell
Cathy Culver
Janis Devore
Paul Duncan
Lisa Ellbogen
Mary Ellbogen
Nancy Evanoff
Charles Foreman
Kevin Forgey
Laura Galles
Craig Gangwish
Melody Gibson
Gail Gifford
Kevin Gray
Susi Harris
Keith Hartnett
Ralph Haught
Carol Hegna
Jeff Hendrickson
Vicky Hill
Jennie Jackson
Terry Jensen
Jesse Lafferty
Dennis Lower
Bob Miller
Debra Mitchell
Kevin O'Hearn
Doug Rath
Bruce Reeves
Tim Rizzi
Debbie Satterfield
Sheryl Sloan
Virgil John Smith
David Spillers
Jackie Street
Anne Strook
Tim Sullivan
Kenny Summers
Mike Todd
Tony Tripeny
Jill Turner
Tammy Weed
Pamela Winter
Kandy Woodley
Camille Young

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